Private apartment


Hangya street, Budapest

Design phase
April 2008 –
March 2009

September 2009

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Reconstruction of a flat that was designed accurately and minutely, meeting the needs of the family living here previously: another family, another lifestyle, another style.

The task was to reconstruct a basement flat in a condominium, built around 2004 on the Buda hillside. The view from the flat is excellent and there is a direct excess to the yard. The style of the previous, minutely elaborated flat design did not conform to the new owners’ preferences at all. The interior of the flat is circular. According to the original plans, the rooms of appropriate size and functions were situated on the outer arc logically and in a liveable way, while the collective of the kitchen, the dining room and the living room stood in the middle of the circle. I was not completely satisfied with the spatial organisation; so many sketches were made about a possible relocation of the kitchen. At the same time, the clients moved into the flat to experience the benefits and the drawbacks of the given space. Finally, they found the location of the kitchen suitable for their needs, that is why only significant modifications in the style and minor improvements were carried out. The furniture of the kitchen and the dining room, just like the bookshelf of the living room and the fireplace (which was a completely new element to the flat) were manufactured in piece production, based on own plans. A seating group was chosen which makes the living room instantly rearrangeable conforming to the timely needs of the family or to a larger or smaller feast.
There was a request for designing a den, which – against my principles, but considering the boundaries – was arranged in the bedroom.
The clients like the current form of the flat very much and they are proud of assisting certain parts of the design process.