New office on Bartók Béla street


41 Bartók Béla street, Budapest

Design phase
September 2004 –
December 2004

Spring 2005

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Project 6 - NOVARTIS

As the old Hungarian furniture retailer ad once said, if anyone should remember: Doctor! Doctor! The old wardrobe just won’t fit into our new house! That could have been the motto of the present project, too. A large company moving into a new office with the old furniture – what could be new about it?

The goal: moving the old furniture into a newly built office block, while maintaining the previous office layout; creating additional communal spaces and a reception area. The office remains the usual, but the reception area requires special attention…

Creating a reception area that will astonish every visitor; one that suggests an open, daring and dynamic company image
to both Hungarian and foreign partners.

In the given space it was not possible to introduce an extreme reception configuration, so I placed great emphasis on the desk itself. Lighting got a very important role here.

Material Use
While the reception desk counter was made of concrete, its structure is sandblast glass flooded with light: because the actual structure is invisible and the light is homogenous, the desk seems to float in the air. On the plasterboard wall behind the counter, following a lot of experimenting, I created the logo, shining with the colours defined in the operations manual.