Family House



11 Petôfi Sándor street,

Design phase
February 2006 – April 2008

Summer 2007

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Project 4 - FAMILY HOUSE

If the meat is removed from the oven half done and you are asked to prepare a delicious feast from it, it is awfully hard. It would have been better if they had asked you to do the curing yourself. Redesigning a house that has already been built to a specific concept is similarly not an easy undertaking. But why not? :) Luckily, the client and I share very much the same taste…

My client bought the house from an architect, who had designed it for his own family of four by the walk on the Danube bank in Szentendre, but had to sell it unexpectedly. My client had entirely different needs, and to meet these, I had to transform the almost finished, 3-storied house that had been very well built and thought-out.

Creating living spaces that satisfy the needs of each member of the family, but are at the same time suitable for spending time with an extensive circle of friends, even in the garden or on the terrace.

Top floor: The private zone, completely separated from the outside world. Relax!
Ground floor: The family’s central living space and an additional guestroom.
Basement floor: Rock’n’roll!

Intense, vivid colours; unusual shapes; out-of-the-ordinary spaces; still balanced interior.