Infusion Room

Identity Tender


Design phase
2008. június

Lastminute Advertising

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Coherence between corporate identity and interior design requires conceptional thinking and close collaboration among the different professionals. This tender gave me the opportunity to engage in such a project.

Here the task was to design the identity and the name of the new brand that sponsors these rooms. The interior design was to be done by affiliated architects, therefore it was not a part of the tender. Still, tenderer communications agency astminute Advertising ( decided that the interior is as an important part of identity as the logo itself (if not even more important), so they asked me to create designs for them.
The infusion rooms were to be created actually by joining two wards in selected hospitals throughout the country. During the designing process I paid careful attention to the regulations, taking it also into consideration that seriously sick people are going to spend 4-5 hours in these rooms.
The tender was won by the agency, and since then a number of infusion rooms have been created. All the identity elements were provided by the agency. Although we weren’t commissioned to do the interior design, after winning the tender, Lastminute Advertising argued that it was precisely this integrated solution and conceptional way of thinking omplemented throughout the developing process that led them to victory.