Pharmaceutical Office Block

Complete Interior Design


1 Viadukt St., Biatorbágy

Design phase
October 2001 – March 2002

Summer 2003

Zsuzsa Molnár

Structural engineer
Ervin Kis

Garden designer
Égig érô fû / Karolin Bán

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A beautiful industrial building, which was a piece of architecture in its own right, had to be reconstructed to meet today’s requirements (and, of course, those of the client). One of my favourite works!

The property was build somewhere around 1936, and used to be originally a transformer station by the railroad, but had been out of use presumably since the 60’s. Decaying on its own, its beautiful, Bauhaus-inspired shapes still caught the attention of the eye-minded. That is exactly what happened to my client as well.
One of the major objectives was to keep the building’s original shape and attributes, but at the same time it also needed to be extended to correspond to its future function. The architect paid painstaking attention not to violate the building’s original proportions.
Given the vast difference between its past and future functions and the building’s linear layout, this project was a great challenge from the interior design’s point of view, too.

I intended to preserve and emphasize the characteristics of the original building; on the other hand I had been assigned to create an unusual space where the dramatically different phases of work can take place. In the finished interior the use of select materials, the striking lighting effects and an uncommon approach to working spaces inspire and delight employees and visitors alike.
Every single structural element, the furnishing, lamps and the spout on the roof terrace have all been individually manufactured based on my plans.
What makes me especially proud about this project is that after moving from their previous office, the employees started to pay noticeably more attention to their appearance, clothing and working environment. (But let’s keep that a secret just between us…)